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    1. Compare, Choose, and Save.4.5 cents /minute Unlimited Long Distance at! Take advantage of this terrific offer and sign up today!

    2. 3.9 Long Distance from Talk America3.9 a minute long distance with no monthly fees - click here! One of the BEST offers available! Try us now!

    3. Cell Phone AccessoriesClick to Save We take pride in manufacturing and supplying high quality cell phone accessories to customers at highly competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is priority number one for us.

    4. TracFone.comWireless As Low As $7.99 TracFone(R) Wireless, Inc., is the largest nationwide provider of prepaid wireless communications (Yankee Group, 2002). TracFone Wireless markets the TracFone, a pay-as-you-go, prepaid wireless service that boasts the largest digital coverage area in the US as well as no annual contracts, credit checks, monthly phone bills, activation fees, security deposits, or age limits.

    5. 5 cents 24/7 long distance5 a Minute Long Distance & 300 FREE Minutes! IDT Long Distance service is just 5 cents a minute, 24/7, with 6 second billing.

    6. Bad Credit? No Problem!
      Internet-Ready Cell Phone only $19 dollars after rebate
      FREE cell phone in 60 seconds--NO CREDIT CARD required!

    7. Affiliate Join SmartPrice NOW!!Save Money - FREE! Use our site to find the best deal for your home or business long distance calling needs. We've done all the legwork for you! Our free service lets you compare, shop and switch to the best phone service available for your home or business. When you use our free service, we customize the information for you.

    8. $50 Rebate on Wireless Phone Service - Best prices anywhere!! The leading comparison shopping site for wireless, internet and communication services. Named by PCWorld as the Best Cell Phone Site (8/01).

    9. allows consumers to customize their cell phones with unique ringtones and graphics.

    10. sells a wide range of all cell phone accessories on the market. From earpieces, leather cases, battery chargers, hands free to cell phone batteries, antennas, car holders etc. Sunnycell is dedicated to offering great products at low discount prices together with superior customer service.

    11. free sim - PAY AS YOU GO SIM CARD We stock every mobile phone available in the UK and 1000s of accessories. Our UK Affiliate

    12. 6.5 cent Toll-Free No-Fee Calling Card Our three great services: 1. PCCALL: PC TO PHONE SERVICE- enables anyone with a computer and Internet connection to call any telephone in the world! Rates start as low as 3.9 cents/min to the US & UK. Great for travelers with a notebook, international customers, ethnic groups, and anyone looking to save on long distance! 2. ISCARD: GLOBAL ONLINE CALLING CARD- is the Toll-Free No-Fee Global Calling Card! Rates start as low as 6.5 cents/min to the US. IsCard features toll free access from over 50 countries, online account management, PIN-FREE dialing, speed dialing, and much more! Great for travelers, college students, sales personnel and more! 3. IS800: TOLL-FREE NUMBER PROVIDER- is a toll free number service which is managed entirely online. Instantly change the ring-to number online, without having to make a single call! Great for small businesses, traveling professionals, students, campers and more!

    13. ComTech21 3.9 Per Minute! All state to state calls. ComTech21 Long Distance Service offers affordable plans that will save you money on your long distance calls and lower your telephone bills. We have cost effective competitive rates for your 1+ dialing in state, state-to-state, and international calling rates.

    14. come visit UReach today! Get your email, voicemail, and faxes in one inbox. uReach provides great communication services for Small Businesses, SOHO, and individuals that are on the move such as sales people. With, your site visitors will find a great service for managing all their communications and messages including low cost toll-free numbers, voicemail, fax services, unified messaging and more.

    IDT Long Distance, 5 cents a minute

    Great low international calling rates

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    Internet Filters Cleaning Products Google Perfect Pictures Engrave-A-Gift Babbo Wine Bar

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